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A Delegation from INRTU visited SXU
 2020-06-12 13:58:24 浏览1364次
On April 4, Mr. Mikhail Korniakov, President of Irkutsk National Research Technical University (INRTU), led a delegation to visit SXU. Prof. Fan Suhua, Secretary of the Party committee of SXU, conducted the meeting to welcome the delegation, and the heads of business school, nursing school, engineering school and international office also attended the meeting.
Prof. Fan introduced SXU to the delegation and she pointed out that the University attached great importance to international academic exchanges and cooperation, and hoped that the two universities could join forces to carry out friendly cooperation in the fields for great potential development, such as machinery manufacturing and tourism management. President Mikhail Korniakov introduced the discipline setting and advantageous majors of INRTU, and gave a positive response to Prof. Fan's proposal. He hoped that the scholars of the two universities could continue to enhance mutual understanding, expand the field of exchange, and strengthen the exchanges for teaching staff and students.
The two universities signed a memorandum of cooperation. In the following years, it is expected to carry out top leaders’ friendly mutual visits, scientific research, academic exchanges, send teachers and students to each other university for short-term and long-term exchanges, and promote comprehensive cooperation in joint education for students.


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