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The Successful Study-Tour Summer Camp to UiTM
 2020-06-12 13:58:24 浏览1081次

On July 7, the students of SXU successfully finished the summer camp activity in UiTM and went back to China.
The summer camp for study-tour is one of the short-term overseas activities for SXU students, and also the first step of international cooperation between SXU and UiTM, aiming to broaden the students' vision and improve their English ability. SXU attaches great importance to the activity and arranged to negotiate with UiTM on the tour route and schedule for many times, which effectively ensured the success of this summer camp activity. The summer camp is a two-week tour and twenty-three SXU students in different grades and majors participated in this activity. Dr. Nabilah Abdullah, dean of the school of education of UiTM, presided over the opening ceremony.





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